Invest-The Manifestation Principle

Pt.1-Personal Development Investing

Invest (verb) – To devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

To invest in this is to bring reason, manifestation, and purpose to the first pillar of Learning. Development investing is the art of spending time with a newfound knowledge or skill in order to expand your cognitive activity and abilities.

The factual reality of this concept is that we all invest in our development daily in one direction or another. Throughout your day you invest to your betterment or your detriment depending upon the decisions you make. The choice is 100% in your hands. You as an individual may not truly grasp the power of influence that you contain and its origin from your initial investment as you move through the day.

Your life, outcomes, and results are a congruent reflection of how you invest in yourself and the types of environments you allow yourself to be part of. The statement that we hear of “Becoming what we are around” is very true for the majority of us because the human mind is naturally patterned to seek routine and stability as well as conforming to the subconscious influence of societal norms. That means the things our parents tell us “go to school (do good), graduate, get a good job” is the regularly followed path and so we tend to flock around people that are doing the same thing and that is what you invest in.

If parents and influential people had continued to nurture and encourage the same message from childhood into adulthood; that “you can be ANYTHING you want” I believe that the entrepreneurial percentage in many places would be much higher. That is the beauty of coming into a place of understand on your own as young adult.  You are now aware of your comprehension and are able to make your own choices in order to develop yourself into who you want to be.  Re-apply the “you can be ANYTHING you want” concept. If you want to, you can be an investor, powerful trader, lawyer, business owner, engineer, philanthropist etc. You as a young adult are able to make that choice for yourself particularly with the plethora of technology-based resources we have today. There should be no reason for you to accept less than what you know you are capable of.

Put the effort, time and dedication forth into development investing and see  just how truly spectacular your intellect can become. That self-empowerment will translate over into how you take care of things outside of yourself as in your financial investing.

Insider clue: The way you take care of yourself is a precise sign of how you will handle other things.

Go grab a snack, drink or a breather and come back…

Pt. 2 of Invest-Financial Development Investing.

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