What is “Real” Life?

“Welcome back”

I had just returned to work after my vacation. My coworker was asking me how my vacation was, what fun things I did, and if I had any suggestions for him when he went. As the conversation dwindled to an end, he spoke a phrase that struck a chord with me in the wrong way. “Well, welcome back to real life,” he said. I know he didn’t mean any harm by saying this but I had to correct him. “This is NOT real life. Real life is out there,” I said as I pointed outside. “Well, everyone is here so this is real life,” he retorted as he gestured to the consortium of cubicles surrounding us. “I am not everyone and you know that,” I said with a conviction layered with a smile.


This bothered me because this comment assumes that getting up and going to work is the only way to live and that your vision is too small to see the opportunities that reside outside of the “traditional” work space. There are other, more lucrative and more fulfilling ways to make a living for yourself rather than selling your soul in 8 hour at a time. Now if you are getting fulfillment in your current position, by all means, do not let my viewpoint sway you into discontentment. This is for people who don’t like their jobs and want other things. The world around us is defined by how we look at it and because of this we are able to change our situation by changing how we see and decisions that follow. Take that side hustle, write that blog, or make that travel video. Exhaust your options until you find what you love and then pursue it to the fullest.


Tell the world that you reject their reality and substitute it with the one you have created.

Never let anyone put your brain in a box.

Matthew Gaddy