What is your Legacy?

What will be your legacy?

The time to decide that is now while you are alive… Not after you pass away! Determine your legacy now!

Leaving a Legacy

The person who leaves a legacy lives on so to speak. They can remain impacting lives long after they are gone. Their money continues to make money. The ideas, books, recordings or the time they have spent with others leaves an impact and continues to live on. They stay alive. Through their impact, they can become immortal.

This is the goal I have for my life and I have truly spoken this into existence. Anybody can do the same! As a result, many people and opportunities have been placed in front of me since I have set a legacy goal.
It is up to you to be aware of your surroundings, know when an opportunity is facing you and decide if that opportunity will launch you in the direction of your legacy. Pray for a clear answer, then continue to go in that direction.

Breaking Even

The second type of person is one who just exists, pays their bills, and keeps to themselves. This person would work and go home each day. Arriving at starting time and leave exactly when the workday ends exactly 8 hours of work later.
If they would simply find their passion, seek their gifts and love what they are doing, they would be so much happier!
When you’re doing what you love, time flies by. This average type sadly lives and works without passion or with little reason to be remembered after they pass on.


Me and MINE!

The third type of person is out to take whatever they can get without giving back. They are always looking for a handout and live off of society even if they are capable of making money on their own.
They borrow money and rarely if ever, pay it back. You know these people…When they call, you do not even want to answer…
They truly detract or take away from the world not only in money but take away other’s energy and happiness. They may even leave lasting scars on friends and family as a result of how they acted or spoke.
When they die they leave a negative thought, feeling, or expense to be made up for after they die. These are the people that you may even end up having to pay to bury because they never thought of others, sadly, only themselves!

How then will you live?

What legacy will you leave behind?
Will you add to the world, just existing and break even or will you be one who takes from the world?
We all may go through each of these phases at some point in time but the vision you set out to achieve is what the universe will send your way before you die.
How can you get there if you do not know where you’re going?
Try setting a goal to leave a lasting legacy and you may be surprised at what the universe sends your way. People who set goals and write them down with a timeline, live with a purpose and have a sure destination or course of where they are going and will be the Legacy makers that will ultimately succeed and live on forever!
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