Know Yourself, Know Your Worth


  • Critical because self-awareness plays into objective view of self
  • Plays into objective view of your personal narrative
  • Know what you want and write it down
  • Be able to reevaluate your performance

“Know Thyself”. This concise yet impactful quote was written on the walls of the temple of Apollo at Delphi over 2000 years ago. Despite being written before the market as we know it today existed, this simple statement absolutely impacts the investments and applications we commit ourselves to today. What does it truly mean to know yourself? Does it mean to know what your name is or what you look like in the mirror? If we relegate this saying to such shallow terms, we strip it of its intended meaning. Knowing yourself is having the self-awareness to understand your actions and the ability to look at yourself objectively.

(What does looking at yourself “objectively”  mean?) -To truly look at your inner-self and reflect upon your individual strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within yourself that will extract/demand personal growth over time This is a very simplified definition but it encompasses the overall theme.

“How does my own behavior come into play when I’m investing and the things I invest in?”, you may ask. The answer may be more profound than you originally thought. When we look at spending/investing situations, we apply our own “filter” or personal interpretation to what we see and this can be a poor habit. We have to understand that when it comes to making sound financial decisions, we have to treat it as if it were a living breathing entity.  When dealing with it, we have to listen and watch it, instead of layering our own values and systems to it. For example, think of the trading market as an actual person. Would it not be rude of me to apply my own sense of what’s right and wrong to him without once listening and understanding what he is saying? This is what happens when we try to add our self-indications and assumed values and bend the market to make it conform to our individual assessment/opinion. The forex market (Foreign Exchange currency marking) alone is a $5.3 trillion dollar a day industry. It will not be dictated or control by any one person, regardless of what their name, title, or status is. Trying to control that market or anything else and shape it to your will is a quick way to be washed away and disappointed.

I have just painted a fairly grim picture but all hope is not lost!

In a nutshell, Knowing Yourself goes like this according to our last two posts….

Step 1. Admitting your weakness

Know that you spend money in terrible ways, or that I always say “the love of money is the root of all evil”  realizing that you are not taking care of yourself physically like you should be and that you have made excuses about it.

Step 2. Reminding yourself of your strengths

Truly acknowledge and empower yourself with a precise and calculated change of mindset and put together a plan to correct your downfalls while solidifying your strengths.


Do Not Get allow yourself to deviate from self-improvement. Go against your normal and easy path.  Write things down, make a collage, pictures, notes or whatever may be good enough for you to constantly remind yourself of the growth you are committed to making.

We must analyze ourselves in order to decipher out the bad from the good. We must train our subconscious to move our conscious being and be ready to move. The only way to control and tame this beast is to train it to take you where you want to go. This article is definitely deeper in the “finding yourself” element but that is exactly what we want for you because when we speak next week were are really going to begin diving into the financial realm of taking your money to a different place…

As always thank you humbly for reading and take your time, when you could have been doing so many different things and remember…

Learn. Invest. Trade.


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  1. Great article “Know Thyself”. It really makes you think about the things you do, want to do and where you want to go. Change is always difficult especially when it does not look like what we normally see. Thank you the article. I can’t wait until next week

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